by Matthew

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An atheist positive EP


released June 30, 2015

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matthew O'Neil



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Turn or Burn
She's convinced I'm the spawn of Satan, all I do is manipulate
Just because I deny her god, I accept facts over acts of faith
She talks up quite the game, she believes that I'm just a pawn
Well talk is cheap, your holy book was breached
And now you're running out of faith to act on

Find your book and verse, scream it till it hurts
Let the sirens sing, Turn or burn!
Wage your holy war, this is too much to ignore
Let the sirens sing, turn or burn!

What do you do when you've lost the battle?
Do you opt to give up the ghost?
Father, son, and holy spirit, the world depends on none of those
Your condescension's cute, your presumption is even sweeter
I rely on science, not on faith, and I'm delighted that that concept
Always leaves you heated
Track Name: Gravity
You've got it figured out, I mean it's only just a theory
But I have a simple query; can you feel the gravity?

What about all the gaps? And all those transitional fossils?
It's too bad you never opened a science book to ever find an answer
No formal education, just rely on your pastor, hallelujah!
For all those tricky questions just go for the easy answer

Come on, come on! I mean what did you expect?
If you take what science offers you, your fragile god is dead

All the answers are in Genesis, you keep screaming hoping it's correct
But the world's not flat, snakes can't talk, water doesn't flow out of rocks
Man is master over all the earth, otherwise your god would have his feelings hurt
Sounds like God was made from man, time to write off holy plans
Track Name: Good Without God
I'm good, I'm good without God
I don't need morality sent from above
And I'm good, I'm good without God
I don't need to live by supernatural laws

Implied social contracts, society stands
We learned to be moral before God's commands

If your faith disappeared, would your impulse control?
Would your sense of right and wrong? Or is God all you know?